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Promotional SMS with Sender ID

Promotional SMS with sender ID is the same as Promotional SMS but the only difference being that you can use your company's sender ID and tag it along with your message to your clients! This enables them to identify you when they receive your message on their phones


Bulk SMS is one of the fastest ways for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds. Send bulk SMS at the most affordable prices with the fastest messaging service at www.b-infovision.com.

One of the major things that define marketing is communication and Bulk SMS enables you to communicate to a large mass of people through one platform. Bulk SMS has been a revolutionary concept in the good part of the last decade with a lot of small-scaled to larger companies opting to use it for various purpose. Bulk SMS can be used to provide information or policy changes to your customer base or you can use them to promote your business to theoretically everyone with a phone!

We at B-Info Vision provide best Bulk SMS services like Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS or Promotional SMS with without revealing the sender ID. We have 4 flexible options that you can choose. These options are carefully drafted to meet your requirements and all of them can be set-up on the same day as placing the order


Key Points to consider before choosing Promotional SMS with Sender ID scheme

- The type of message is Promotional but you still get to tag your sender ID for your clients to recognize you. (we recommend this)

- 4 Tailor Made options to choose from:

  Started, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise as mentioned above

- Step By Step Guidance on how to start

- Used for promotions

- 24x7 Support with chat, voice call and E-mail Ticketing support available.