Why should I go with B-info Vision?
Our 'Services first' rationality has permitted us to be one of the most grounded and most solid web hosting. We give a world class base and a first rate organize so you can dodge exorbitant interests in equipment, programming, and framework organization. We give VPS,Dedicated server, Shared and Reseller hosting, Web Development & Bulk SMS at most reduced costs.
How you give support?
Phone, E-mail, and chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Do you offer money back guarantee?
We offer a 7 days money back guarantee.
Are there any hidden charges?
No. there is no any hidden charges.
How long will it take to setup my account?
Your account will be activated the very same business day but will not exceed more than 2 business days.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, PayPal. Payments by check or money order must be mailed to our mailing address. Make checks payable to B-info Vision, Inc. We do not accept cash.
Can I upgrade my hosting plan at a later stage?
Yes. All accounts can be upgraded. Upgrades will happen the same business day. But will not exceed more than 2 business days.
When I upgrade do I have to pay a setup fee again?
No. Setup fees (which are waived on all year long sign-ups) are one time fees.
How will you invoice me?
All accounts renew automatically. For customers paying by check or who request notice before billing, invoices are sent via email.
Domain names are the building blocks of online business. Knowing the basic ins and outs of domain names is a must for any online business owner.
Domain Transfer?
If Will transfer the domain only when registered email give conformations to us, we will not accept on phone call. For Domain transfer we will charge INR 399 extra.
What is web hosting?
Web hosting allows you to publish your website. You will need a web hosting service to host your website so that people can view it online.
Do I need technical knowledge to use web hosting?
We have made our web Hosting Services open for everybody. We've outlined our control board so it is anything but difficult to deal with your areas and web hosting in one spot. The FTP highlight of our web hosting services makes it easy to transfer your site. In the event that you've never utilized web hosting, our bolster group are accessible on the telephone and online to offer you some assistance with getting started.
How long does it take to setup Web hosting?
Setting up web hosting is quick and easy. It takes between 50-60 minutes for your web hosting package to be set up.
What is difference between Linux & Windows Hosting?
Linux and Windows are two different operating systems. The operating system that you use on your computer should not determine your choice. For example, if your computer is run by Windows Microsoft, Linux hosting will work just as well as Windows hosting. Deciding between Linux and Windows web hosting depends on your style of web building. If you plan to use PHP, MySQL or Perl together with a range of software programs, Linux is the one for you. Linux web hosting is also suitable for ‘brochure-ware’ sites that offer interaction via enquiry forms, online purchasing and other e-commerce functions.
Do you allow adult content on your servers?
We do not allow adult content. This is described as pornographic material. Please contact support if you have further questions.
Can I purchase more bandwidth?
Yes. Please contact a sales representative for more information.
Can I purchase more E-mail account?
Yes. Please contact a sales representative for more information.
Can I purchase more FTP accounts?
Yes. Please contact a sales representative for more information.
Can I purchase more sub-domains?
Yes. Please contact a sales representative for more information.
When to move from shared hosting to VPS server?
Your website is devouring every one of your processors. You feel the requirement for complete control. You plan to send more messages. You are searching for fantastic execution and steadiness. You feel that you are prepared to transcend the rest. You need to extend the current execution level.
Do you provide source code of the website development?
NO, We do not provide any source code of any website development.